Divine Liturgy Schedule


Oct. 19      Sun.      8:00 AM  +Mark Oakes by Teresa and Daniel Palenski
                           10:30 AM   Intention of Parishioners

Oct. 21      Tues.   10:00 AM   Health & God’s Blessings on LaDonna Rodock
                                            by Jamie Bacigalupi

Oct. 24      Fri.      10:00 AM   +Walter John Horosko by Michele Soyka Horosko

Oct. 25      Sat.     10:00 AM   Intention of Fr. Dominik & Fr. Schaeffer
                                            by Dr. Tom Krisztinicz

Oct. 26      Sun.      8:00 AM   Intention of Parishioners
                           10:30 AM   +Deceased Members of Epiphany Men’s Club
                                            by Epiphany Men’s Club


Who Are We?

Epiphany of Our Lord is a Byzantine Ruthenian Catholic parish of the Eparchy (or Diocese) of Passaic, NJ which stretches from Maine to Florida along the US East Coast. Our founders, over 40 years ago, were mostly 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe who worshipped in an Eastern, or Byzantine, style but within the fullness of the worldwide Catholic Church. Since then, we have grown to over 300 families. In October 1996, Epiphany Mission was established in Gaithersburg, MD to serve the needs of Byzantine Catholics in Upper Montgomery County.  http://montgomerybyz.org/